Basic info about Wellbutrin

WellbutrinUnlike the majority of SSRIs, such as Fluoxetine, Wellbutrin has got several mechanism of functioning in the organism of a patient. This medication functions by changing the neurotransmission of such elements as norepinephrine and dopamine in the patient’s brain.

The Doctor can recommend generic Wellbutrin to help patient cure his/her depression condition. When some elements of the brain are unbalanced, this may result in some serious health conditions, including depression conditions. Wellbutrin is functioning by blocking these elements’ reuptake. This drug is produced in the form of the tablets and should be used 2 to 4 times during the day.

Today, the only antidepressants that are recommended for usage are those which contain such element as bupropion. Speaking about Wellbutrin, it is the version of this element. There are some other forms of bupropion, that you may also order online such as:

  • Wellbutrin SR, this drug is usually used two times per day.
  • Bupropion Hydrobromide, it is taken only once per day.
  • Buproban or Zyban, the medication is used by those people who want to stop smoking and is taken two times during the day.
  • Wellbutrin XL, this drug is used once per day.

There are some recommendations about the usage of Wellbutrin, if you’ve decided to buy the drug:

The medication is produced in the form of the tablets. Wellbutrin is taken by your mouth, as a rule 2 or 4 times per day.

  • If you’ve used the drug at bedtime, it may course insomnia. So, the advice, for patients who have difficulties with falling asleep, is to use last portion of the medication earlier.
  • When purchasing the medication you should remember that its portion must be used at the same period of time each recommended day to even the level of the medication in blood.
  • The patients may use this drug without food, but if Wellbutrin bothers the stomach it is better to take it with food.
  • For the medication to function better, it should be used as recommended by a specialist. It will not function if the patient stops its usage.

One more important thing you should know before ordering Wellbutrin is its dosages. The dosages that your doctor or health care adviser will recommend can be various, it depend on several factors, such as: patients age, the drugs he/she may be using and of course it depend on some medical conditions. That’s why even if you buy Wellbutrin without prescription you should consult with the doctor about the dosages of the antidepressant.

Some pieces of advice about the storage of Wellbutrin:

This antidepressant should be stored at indoor temperature, far away from heat and moister and you’d better put it in the container. Please, keep all the drugs out of kids’ reach.

If a patients forget to take a dosage of Wellbutrin:

If he/she doesn’t use this medication as was scheduled, in such a way he/she should use it as soon as it is possible. But if it is time for the next portion of the medication a patient may skip the previous dosage and go on with the usual schedule. Please, do not use two dosages at a time, it can harm you.

Tablets of this medication are produced in two packages: Wellbutrin seventy five mg and Wellbutrin one hundred mg.

If you have some of the following conditions, please do not buy Wellbutrin:

  • You suffer from allergy to bupropion or to other elements of the drug.
  • You are using some other medication which contain bupropion.
  • You have got seizure disorders.
  • You have been using thioridazine in the last fourteen days.
  • You have been suffering from eating problems such as anorexia or bulimia.
  • You have been using oxidase inhibitors in the last fourteen days.

So, Wellbutrin is the cheapest antidepressant on the market and you can easily purchase Wellbutrin online.